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Re: Might be buying a store

16K sounds like a good deal.

Am sure you will want to peel off T-111 as soon as possible after buying. Before you do, check with the city & county to see if they have a fund for rehabilitating store fronts (sill save you some money). Also, if you have a "Main Street" organization, they might also be able to help.

Make sure that you do a through inspection of the place beforehand. Even in my bush-league town, the building inspector wants to come through & make sure every thing is safe. That includes fire signs, extinguishers, etc.

Am sure you have already thought of these things. When my wife & I opened up our 1st store front, we were surprised what expenses there were to contend with.

Having said that. This is exciting news & a major step away from home studio/selling space. Also raises your professionalism in the eyes of clients. Way to go. Can't wait to see the inside pictures when you get them.

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