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Re: Detroit Artists

Ha, ha!
Hey Obseq, you are quite right.
I live in what is supposed to be one of the "100 best small art towns in America" but it really wouldn't take much to get me to move.
Showed in Santa Fe for a few years but the gallery went out of business.
I just don't know where I'd go but it certainly wouldn't be Detroit or any other rust belt city. I might consider Chicago but at 64, I don't want winter.
Chattanooga had a program also, not as generous as Padukah but a nicer city and warmer.
I'd go back to NYC in a heartbeat but I can't afford it and at my age and dragon slaying isn't a hobby I want to pursue again.
A place like Detroit will swallow you up and destroy you.
If you want to be "community oriented" then you're not an artist!
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