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Re: Detroit Artists

It IS within in us to choose where we would like to attempt our prosperity. I'd think twice about going someplace just because it was cheap or because there was a claim, a rumor or an advertising of a "burgeoning art community" (EVERY city says this).

An artist can create and improve anywhere...with or without support. But one's region will greatly impact an artists ability to "career" - you might find yourself traveling great distances for significant opportunities - the kind that pay bills. I know, I hate to bother with such thought also...but we DO occasionally have to leave the studio and participate. Think it through.

If I was in this stage of my art life right now I'd go to Brooklyn...the east vicinities. Theres fruit and plenty there if you've got the nerve to take it on. But the best fruit is the one that comes from making the work and continued creative improvement...and again, THAT can happen ANYWHERE - if you go hard at it.
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