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Re: Shipping Container workshop?

I think metal sheds are better as I found out u need planning permission for where I am.

With regards to Scottish picturesque landscapes, you are going to the wrong Scotland, come to the barren moonscape landscapes of the north coast and the western isles and the golden sands, turqoise beaches, cold winds, sometimes sun, sometimes rain lots of wind, light all night in the summer! I came back here today passed Loch Ness on the way.

Everyone goes to Loch Ness and its too chocolate box in my opinion compared to the north.

Also, industrial landscapes, nothing wrong with them, as long as I pass them on the train! Scotland has quite a few in the borders, however, I have seen grimmer in the midlands of England, which can be beautiful in their own way.

I am sure its going to get grimmer here when the UK goes bankrupt, that is the spirit!
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