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Re: Achieving a smooth surface with plastiline clay


try a different brand pf plastiline
or make your own

I have used roma plastiline usu in # 3 or 4 hardness but the 4 is a bear in the winter so I softened a bunch with oil and grease
the #3 is ok spring and autumn but a tad soft for summer work---currently 85 in the studio

I had some cheaper oil clay that dragged and lifted and I blended it off with scraps so it works a bit better, but I use it mainly under the surface

when finishing the pieces, I keep a water bowl handy, and dip my hands fequently---also a mist spritzer bottle----for broad surfaces, I used to use broad sheet metal cut and polished in various radii but with carzy credit card companies sending me from 5-30 free cards per month, I've been using them as surface scrapers----I shape them with chisels, gouges, and sharp knives to form the desired curves.
then wear an apron and wipe them off frequently

if you add oil to the surface, you'll likely exacerbate the dragging, lifting and smudging problem
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