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Mr. Elofant: 11 schools an' corrosive disdain for academia? Pardner, it may not be the teachers....

I don't like arty schoolers 'cause them peoples whip up scale models o' my front double wide, pre- it with a post- and get adjoolations galore.

Meanwhiles, I a breathin' fumes and fussin' finishes an' closetin' works that am't ready for prime time, despite me's rollin' amongst the pages of the Good Book tongue talkin', lookin' fer signs o' "readiniess."

Them's acadamiacs is the carnegies an' mellons o' the world. Me and mines, we gander thru the vitrines an' sees the unboundin' glories o the purdy white boxes an' jedi masks an if it warn't for us gentectically respectin' 'em with ours magi's adoration we'd be all anger and envy, what with them's puttin so's little effert and winding such a storm o' praise.

But them home-schoolers t'aint the arms to fall into t'iether. Thems mighten even be worser, liken a pin bone gettin' stuck crosswize. Theys ain't got no perkspecktive, all lonely and such, no sir, none to tell 'em theys spent heapin' time on a pile o' awfulness. And the Gibraltars they got carryin' around, feelin' they aint gettin' the respektin' they deserve, seems them nite courses w'da been easier.

I alwys thought there's big trouble with lockin' yursef in the attic to try an' drink out yur magnum opus, 'cause when yer come out everthings changed, ponies ta model ts, crayons ta cathode rays. In such a case,you and yur wark might wind up bein' irreveralant.....
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