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Fine Art in Academia is one of the rare areas where a student can definitively synthesize the curriculum at hand as it suits her/his aesthetic--
Discarding the noise and absorbing the valuable information. The nose-to-the-grindstone/school-of-hard-kocks experience has yielded the same amount of obnoxious "noise" as I found in Academia. Just different packaging.

The onus remains firmly on the student to put it to good use.
Definitely agree with Obseq. When I went to school Cheese (& it was not with the dinosaurs - BA in 1996) teachers knew or cared very little about the students. Maybe that is one of the reasons I went to 11 different colleges to get the education I needed. Each had something to offer. Each school also had a dynamite library which was throughly ravaged by me by the time I left. Each had shortcomings except for Arrowmont & MICA. They both had great professional teaching staffs & highly recommend them.

My dislike for art teachers is rooted in their current performance as well as past performance. With the school that I graduated from, there have been several instances of my trying to arrange a show & their non-performance which resulted in the death of said show.

The one that was a travesty was to put together an art show of alumni & current teachers with some of the proceeds going to undergraduate artist scholarships. The show was an adjunct to a preexisting event that would bring in clients from 200 miles away. A good way to make some money for the artists, fund some scholarships, & do something good for the college.

But I am sure you can disparage this experience & will.

I hope you get the point that I am not poking you specifically you in the eye for fun. Until you as a person, who happens to be a teacher, want credibility from me, you get it through your work & actions. Not automatically since you are a teacher. Not by saying people have "uninformed opinons" that is a value-laden judgement not backed up by empirical evidence. That is an opinion on your part & til proven otherwise - an uninformed opinion on your part - which is my opinion.

How then can you offer an informed criticism? Do you know what is required to get a job teaching art in academia these days? To secure tenure? To get annual salary bumps? Do you understand what the institutional norms are for periodic review and assessment of faculty performance? Are you versed in current teaching trends to provide students with enhanced education through multi-media resources - including traditional fundamental of sculpture? Or the value of teaching with a goal of illustration connections across disciplines?
Frankly all the things you wote about what it takes to make a teacher make me yawn. That is your problem not mine. You need to know the qualifications to make your career tick & abide by them. I don't need to know what you know about academia. I only need to see the results of your actions & comments to tell me what I need to know about you.

Do I need to know what is involved with tenure or get salary bumps? No. That is your universe. My universe is get more work & I get a salary bump. Give good quality work to clients & I will get a form of tenure - money to put away for retirement & a chance to bid another job perchance to win it.

Periodic review of performance - get that with the completion of each job.

Versed in teaching trends - no I would be a terrible teacher & readily admit it. Once again that is your world & you obviously enjoy it. The wonderful part is that there are people that enjoy teaching like you. That is a blessing.

There is always more to argue about. But in the end, we are justifying our own prejudices while not dispensing with foibles & other shortcomings that hold us back as individuals, teachers & artists.
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