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Re: "Sculpey" What do you Think About it??

Hi, Todd. I've been using polymer clays for a while now. I have only made smaller pieces (the largest was the size of a little flower-pot, bulked out with a lot of different things). Remember that some of the polymers take very small details well but won't keep it when heated, they will look like a bit of smelted sugar (even if you don't overheat it) and others can take and keep detail well even if you overheat it. Bigger pieces sometimes can get deep, but thin cracks if you don't work with it for a week or so.

One can also mix different polymer types and get, for example, a clay that is harder and keeps detail better - there are a lot of different brands out there and one can find better information than I gave here - as well as reviews - on the different types.

The surface gets easily scratched and can easily break. As sculptor Philip and Merlion said, it is cheap... IMHO it is a good practice-clay and to make figurines with etc. /Kaff
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