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Re: Is anyone making any money ?

I wasn't aware that I was supposed to be making money from my sculpture.
I have been making my sculpture for almost 50 years and haven't make any money yet.
My work is make to express my self. That is all. The images I create are interesting but quite often a bit disturbing. That puts people off at times.
I expect to be paid good money for my work. That restricts sales.
When I had that monent of epifany and discovered that I was a sculptor (artist) the next thought that popped into my head was how will I make a living? Since I was finishing up my B.S. degree work (Industrial Design) I figured that I would go for my Masters in sculpture and spend the rest of my life teaching it to make a liying.
After getting my Masters I left Chicago and I taught Sculpture, Design and Art History for a year at EKU in Kentucky.
Didn't work out quite the way I had planned as the next year I went to New York City and ended up teaching at an adult training center of the S.U. of N.Y. in Brooklyn, NY. I moved to New York because that is Mecca for artists who want to be "discovered". That was 40 years ago.
What we plan and what happens is often two different things. I ended up living in Connecticut (I detest the big cities) and I started by teaching Drafting at the collellge in Brooklyn for a few years. Then I switched to teaching Math and became head of the department. When Computer Aided Drafting came in I switched again and ended up teaching that at the same school.
I continued making my sculpture the way I wanted and showed at various group shows in New York City. I have had two one man shows in NYC and had an agent for a few years. No sales at all.
The agent finally said that every gallery has one or two artists whose work simply does not sell. Thats me.

I do not regret having to spend so much of my time teaching and doing computer drafting. I greatly enjoyed both activities. I have been lucky in that I have found work that I liked doing. I have been able to afford the life style I grew up in and therefor was most comfortable with. Sort of a cross between middle class suburban and redneck. We have two children who are now adults.
So I will not become famous through my art. OK. I can live with that.
I am retired from teaching but I am still making my sculpture and making money doing drafting (part time).

Such is life.
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