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Re: SELU commission

Ht. 24ft. Est. Wt. 5000
This was a "Percent for Art" commission so I had to try to make sense to the committee and dept. Of culture and tourism , this was written to satisfy a requirement .
A real learning curve with this commission , not only the challenge of working with the weight and ht. but really looking at what goes into making this piece, cost , insurance, conservator , lighting, landscaping , transport and crane . All done around a busy school.

Work defined in specific terms

The work will be titled "Trilogy" for the 3 figures depicted as 3 studies of movement.
The 3 figure will be stacked, in totem fashion so as to exploit the vertical presents of the "tower" section of the new kinesiology building.
Althought the composition will suggest a totem or acrobatic feat, it is my intent to represent 3 separate stories and studies of movement, narrative and symbolism .
The bottom figure represents a crouched walking pose, telling a story of burden and responsibility to others. The figure will be the largest of the 3 and fall on the masculine end of the sexual spectrum .
The posture of the middle figure will appear to be hanging from a plank or platform (which will be the base for the top figure). The middle figure gives the sculpture the ability to be viewed as 3 unrelated figures and breaks down the totem representation by depicting a person that is hanging from fingers , instead of a person that should be holding up the top figure. The hanging figure represents tenacity and determination of spirit. The figure will be stretched and will hold the middle ground (sexual appearance) between top and bottom figure.
The top figure's pose is one of arched back and triumphent gaze. The figure represent exultation and achievement . The top figure marks the feminine end of the sexual spectrum.
The top figure will appear to be holding wings, the wings are a symbolic reference to the school of nursing. The wings are held by the arms and hand of the figure and not joined to the back as would be the case in the representation of an angel.
The entire sculpture will be carved by oxy-acetylene torch which will leave my signature textures of gouges and deep lines with the occasional plane (untouched) surface of the plate.
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