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Re: Silicon bronze sheet?

Scarcely used is a relative term.

USA steel consumption is around 100 million tons a year.
Hence, most sizes and shapes of steel are available almost anywhere.

USA aluminum consumption is around 3 million tons a year.

Total copper alloy consumption, of every one of the 200 or so commercial alloys of copper, bronze, and brass, is well below that of aluminum. Probably around 2 million tons a year, total.
That includes ALL the copper wire, brass sheet, and round bars of bronze used for every application.

My guess would be that as a market percentage, silicon bronze in total was below ten percent of the total, probably well below. And a lot of silicon bronze is made in round bars- it is much easier to find round silicon bronze than sheet.
Probably, in the whole USA, fewer than ten distributors actually stock any silly bronze sheet. Maybe only five.

I do a fair amount of forging with odd bronze alloys, and it is not uncommon for me to find that only ONE company in the entire United States would stock, say, square bar in naval bronze.
Prices, as you can guess, are up to the seller to set, when virtual monopolies exist.
Bronze products can easily run 3 to 10 times per pound what copper costs, depending on size and shape.
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