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Buckminster Fuller FabLab Atlas...

Hello all,
this was a bit away from usual making scupture work purely thought by myself, however I still think this map has artistic interpretation.
It is a map for the FabLab in London. I did an art residency there and also before that, in Montreal Canada. For the atlas, I made it using 3d printing, a giant laser cutter and interactive arduino lighting. It is to show all the FabLabs around the world, well the main ones. I am really interested in Buckminster Fuller I did a post about him in a blog before starting on the atlas-

I am interested in mixing traditional drawing etc with new technologies, I am working on personal art projects now using both traditional and FabLab technologies.

I am also interested in 'open source' and opening up my work process to others, so here is the instructables about making the map!-

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