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Re: Getting Stoned

Biomorph I actually find basalt easier to work with than granite. It takes more effort to break but breaks more predictably, grinds and polishes way faster. Although I'm not sure how much polishing I will do. As far as the figurative part first the precise nature of the figure is less important than the gesture and presence of the overall piece. Second the process is going to rule the entire body of work. I am looking for fast deep slashing cuts and splits. If something falls off oh well it's the nature of hard fast work. I've also chosen columns that are very close to the proportunes I'm looking at in my mind. I have committed to 15-20 pieces . That's right Ive set an almost impossible challenge for my self. Part of me thinks it will go faster than I think . Part thinks that I will never finish in time.

So there it is E go big hard fast or go home!
Oh yah. No one goes in the studio with out beer or food for me! And god help them that cross the threshold cause I won't.
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