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Re: Getting Stoned

I know that carving wood and carving stone (especially HARD stone) are very different experiences and processes; and so should likely be free to yield very different-looking artifacts. Yes, it will be interesting to see how these new figurations manifest.

2 grand a month is nice but I would be wary of the grubbing fingers of commercial entities as they attempt to slither into your creative life. Better to make your work, keep independence and be empowered for ALL possibilities. But business is business and we all must find our way through THAT side of our being also.

I have found that when things are going well in that other place, that "career" or "business" place, a leap of detachment is encouraged, not a leap of immersion. A run of selling "successes" might be used to fuel the promoting of the work to the next level, to venues where greater business opportunities can be advantaged; a bigger city, better region for what you do, a consideration of "playing" (the game of business) at higher and higher levels - rather than sign-on locally for some stability and security.

You are a hard worker and a confident one. Dont sell yourself short on a contract that is only promising you things that you could have easily done (always HAVE done) for yourself. Such things can take the anxiety out of life...and with that goes the fire.
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