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New stuff for the revival

Did a 13x10x6 ft stainless tree. It took 71 pieces of 1/8 x2" 12 ft flat bar and 12 one inch round bars. All stainless. I used 18 lbs of 1/8 inch TIG rod stainless about a thousand cylinders of argon and 200 5"Walter cutting discs.
Oh yeah and 5 months.
I heat coloured all the stainless by running it through the forge before using it.
That was last year April to sept. Then I made 15 small pieces to round out the year.
I've done 5 new ones so far this year and just delivered them to the White Rock gallery in White Rock BC
The creatures are stainless and granite.
I would apologize about the photos but I took them right off of my Instagram feed. If you want details and progress shots my insta feed is full of that stuff.

I will come back a few times to look for comments

Take it cool kids
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