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Re: Test casting

the nose seems different in the polished piece. did you remove alot of metal to get down to perfect metal?
if so it is strange as it has taken away something and added something else. it now looks less natural but at the same time it makes the character look stronger more fitting of a queen.

or maybe its just the polished surface that makes it look different and the application of a patina will change it again

it might be difficult to get back that as cast look. something to try is to heat it with a torch in air, this will oxidise the surface blackening it. then apply carbon powder or something that breaks down to carbon such as sawdust then heat again. copper is less reactive than carbon so carbon will steal the oxygen from the black oxide turning it back to copper and hopefully reproducing those coppery hues (different amounts of carbon giving a slightly different colour). ive never tried this technique its just a hunch based on my understanding of the chemistry. it would probably involve some trial and error to get it right, or it might just not work
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