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Re: Test casting

The queen was invested in a 16 inch diameter (40.6 cm) X 28 inch tall (71 cm) cylinder. I burned it out at 1000 F (538 C) for about 80 hours. It was not enough. I am going to burn her out this time for six days at 900 F.

The little crown piece was invested in a cylinder 12 inches diameter (30.5 cm) and 12 inches tall. I burned it out at 900 F. (482 C) for 48 hours. That was plenty.

There are a lot of conflicting opinions in the sculpture world about burnouts. It seems every book I read says something different. I have found that many, if not most, book writers tend to let other books do a lot of their research, the writers of which let yet other books do their research. It's kind of circular. So I finally found a man who knows what he is talking about. B.P. Fink is a professional. He has poured hundreds of both ceramic shell and plaster investment molds. He much prefers plaster investment. You can find his wisdom on the forum. He burns out at 900 F. for six or seven days. That's a great forum. Not much chit chat, but some real knowledgeable people who are right there when I need them.

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