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Re: Tortise

Originally Posted by scrapartoz View Post
Fantastic Gary , you have shown us the beauty of the stone.
Thankyou, but I almost am inclined to give more credit to the stone,..and ,well depending on ones beliefs, Who made the stone ?,..if I remember, tomorrow I will get some photos of the stone, before I cut it, the tortoise is made from 1 piece of stone, I started another smaller one today, but it is not coming out as well, it will be pretty enough, but not as good as this one, at one point I stopped and went walking around all the stone piles, trying to find a stone that will work better,..found some, but for bigger ones, ..the client liked it so much, that made by boss happy, so he now gave me "orders" to make as many turtles as I can in the next few weeks, big ones, little ones, I am kind of excited, I like turtles/tortoises, and there are so many differnt kinds, I would like to find a nice big stone, and make one,that kids can climb up on, with it's head more "stretched out" and up higher,we do have some nice big stones that would work well for that,..Like the
tortoises of the Galápagos Islands, I need to find a stone though that has the right colors, and in the right areas,..that is the trickey part.
From Garry
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