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Re: Oldenburg Sues/Everybody Sues/ Sculpture Sits

Obviously Glenn has never hired an engineer.
Villas? They think in terms of new pocket pencil protectors.

The european guys Oldenburg wants to hire are ridiculously overpriced, its true.
But there are several really great engineers out there, who have lots of experience with sculpture, who are totally honest, reasonably priced, and whose designs are possible to build on a budget.
I have worked with several I would, and have, trusted my life and my assets to.

In fact, usually the problems that cause sculptures to come in over budget on behind schedule are due to the ARTIST, not the engineer.
Artists tend to have unrealistic ideas of what materials can and cannot do, especially as the artist gets more successful and the project gets bigger.

Working with a good engineer, you optimise the design so that BOTH structure and aesthetics are given attention.

Its easy to snipe at big projects- but they are complicated, and its impossible to do em all by your lonesome- you must learn to delegate authority, find and trust people like engineers and fabricators, and then learn enough about the process so that you use other people to make your art better, and not let them make it worse.
This takes time, experience, and a lot of energy- something that is undoubtedly hard to do if you are dying of cancer.
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