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Re: Say you had two weeks to live and a ball of clay

I destroyed the structure of this thread a while back, so just go where you want. How we live is probably the strongest influence on what we do. I am limited by what I can do physically and having not been able to pursue my carrer for 15 years now, monetarily. I spent $200 on tools yesterday and for me that was quite an investment but I feel I will be able to take what I am doing further and am really looking forward to getting my shipment.
Today I hauled home a piece of limestone that has to weigh around 200 lbs and am going to try my hand at working it. Lots more of it only 50 yards away and I am limited only as to what I can haul up here to my back yard.
This thread started as what I think as a pretty macabre concept and ended up dealing with travel and our homes. I work in materials that for the most part I pick up within a 5 minute walk from my front door and the great thing is I can pick and choose.
My house is right at 7 miles from the center of downtown Dallas, which is around 30 miles diameter not counting the suburbs. The lot my house is on has over 50 trees, most of which are well over 50' tall and many of which are a good 2' thick or better. I look out my window and see wildlife, some landscaping and trees that I will probably harvest for future pieces of art and possibly furniture for inside my house. One of the larger trees is a Box Elder, named for its simularity to Boxwood which has been prized for centuries for it's carvabilty and durability most often used to carve small chests or boxes to hold valuables. The wood in that tree would cost me many thousands of dollars to purchase which basically means that except for the fact that the people who built this house 50 years ago planted one, I would never have the chance to work with any piece of it larger than half the size of a shoe box.
Tamara, I have been collecting pieces of black granite for years (mostly pieces that have fallen from RR berms) with the plans on building a waterfall. There is bamboo growing in my yard (great natural privacy fence) and there are ornamental trees the best of which is a 40 year old Japanese Maple that I and previous owners have planted. Lots of ground covers including a few thousand square feet of mondo grass, too much Nandina and I have "planted" some great rocks (Feather Stone, a very light lava). The yard as a garden is something I have slowly worked on over the years but lately I haven't been able to keep up with nature and have a lot of clearing to do. Future plans include a garden shed that will hopefully look like a Japanese tea house in minature. Art is where you create it.
Scout it sounds like you and your husband have an exellent creative environment on your place and that you have worked very hard to get what you have. If everything you need is in place there is no need to look for it else where.
My father was career Air Force which meant I travelled as a part of my life. I have now lived in one city for almost 30 years which is over half my life. I still do love to travel and hope to move once more in my life. I would like to live in mountains or at least someplace with a long view. Because of my health it needs to be a friendly climate, and Ironman has chosen a great place.
Song, it is so nice to communicate with someone who has experienced a true tropical rain forest in Central and South America. I remember the beauty of the Royal Blue butterflies as well as the hundreds of other colorful insects and animals that inhabit that place. An abundance of life naturally creates super competion to stay alive. Staying alive is to win the competition and of course we all lose in the end. Witnessing what might be termed "Hyper Life" is an experience that hopefully will create an outlook unique and an influence to carry the rest of our lives as expression. Words are not adaquate to express the emotions I felt as a witness to Panama, a valley 10,000'' up in the Rocky Mts, the Grand Canyon, Virgin River Gulch, flying over a tropical coral atoll that looked like an emerald in the middle of the ocean, the night sky on the land where my mother was born (in the summer on the nights of no moon if you lay on your back and relax you will fall into space and know where you are in the heavens), the beautiful sunsets, driving fast cars, being in love......all the things called experience.
I don't get out much and there is nothing wrong with that, as long as I don't forget to wonder at our world.

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