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Re: Oldenburg Sues/Everybody Sues/ Sculpture Sits

The simple authority with which Mr. Soup says that leads me to believe he is associated with Carlson, and knows of what he speaks.

I was evidently mistaken about Oppenheim- but now I cant find the article I read about an Oppenheim sculpture that is not finished, and is also entangled in lawsuits.

I will have to dig around a bit, as I thought it was being built by Carlson.

Personally, I generally like Oldenburg sculptures, and feel they are far from "one liners".
The best of them are much more than just enlargements of everyday objects- I particularly like the lipstick tank at yale, the latticework baseball bat in Chicago, the swiss army knife ship, the balancing tools in germany, the screwarch in the netherlands- all of which take objects and give them life, taking them much farther than "still".

And in person, even his more literal pieces tend to sing.

Maybe someday somebody will write an investigative journalism piece about the travails of this piece- I can understand how right now, given lawsuits pending, nobody wants to talk on the record.
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