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Re: Oldenburg Sues/Everybody Sues/ Sculpture Sits

Originally Posted by grommet View Post
I too proceed with the assumption that if I can imagine it, it can exist. Granted my imaginings have remained under 12 feet tall, but it's worked so far for this non-engineer. Is it possible the imaginings have exceeded the engineering? How can that be?
Look at the Space Station. Yes, if it can be imagined it can be built, but sometimes at highly escalating cost. On the other hand the two little Mars Rover scooting robots have been scooting for something like 4 years now, taking great pictures and making various weather observations. They had a design lifetime of something like a month.

The Space Station involves something like 6 - 10 principal national contributors. The Rovers were designed by one team, built by another, launched by a third, and are being tracked and guided/talked to by more or less the design and launch groups. All requiring close coordination, but much simpler overall.
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