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Re: Moore, Marini, et al

I consider Moore a giant. He opened up sculpture to a whole new way of seeing Nature and the workings of processes which inform "naturally occurring" forms like bones and worn surfaces and grown shapes, and surfaces worked with tools, in addition to the earlier-ok subject matter for Sculpture. There are now many umpteenth casts of 3rd rate Moores on prominent display all over the place now. But that's not his doing. Marini, I think, was much more limited in his scope. Nearly pathologically so when it came to the figure ahorseback. But I love his craftsmanship. As a side note, one thing he did was, after a bronze casting was completely cleaned and sandblasted down to bare metal, he would apply his patinas very carefully - and then, on some pieces, add back crusty areas of what appears to be mold material but is really not - to give the impression that the casting is right out of the mold. That shows a wird kind of love for the process, I think, and also an appreciation for the aesthetic qualities of "accident" resulting from processes. That was way ahead of its time.
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