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Re: Moore, Marini, et al

[quote]However, on the gumbie issue, Henry Moore actually may have been the inspiration for this character.
Hi Fritchie, I had to laugh when I read that, never crossed my mind and I'll bet Moore's rolling over in his grave at the thought. How ironic is that! He's the inspiration for gumbie and then I criticize his figures for being too gumbieish! Actually, one of my sculpture teachers used to say to the students, "What are you making, a gumbie figure, there's no feeling of bone structure in those arms."
I don't care how prolific an artist is, I think that a critical eye is needed before letting the work out into the light of day. I had an acquaintance once who showed EVERYTHING that he did and although that may help the public understand the process better, my thought was "how could he show that?" and I think it affected his reputation. Of course just like in a garage sale, one mans trash is another mans treasure. I've done my share of "stinkers" over the years but usually consign them to the scrap pile. Hey, but that's me, and I try to keep a very critical eye on and control over what leaves my studio.
Have a nice day, Jeff
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