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Re: The Role of the Artist

I guess I see where you're going joe. I suppose that art is always connected in some way to the artist's background. If even subconsciously, every peice of art makes some kind of statement, even if it is just about the artist. maybe we need to more specifically define what "making a statement" is, at least in these context. I guess I just wasn't using the right words. I think cmustard best defined what I ment. From now on instead of "making a statement" let's say "making a 'literal message'".

I sometimes see some peice of art making a literal message and I figure it would have been more clear to just write the message down. other literal message art is like political cartoons; the value of a political cartoon is in the idea of the cartoon, and does not focus on the quality of the drawing.

I'm sure that somebody somewhere likes the IDEA of the work in the thread "god bless america" enough that they would hang it in their house, but I think it would be hard to find someone who likes it just because they think it's pretty.

disclaimer: of course, these are not a universal statements, and there are likely some beautiful peices of sculpture out there that also carry a literal message
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