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Re: armatures?

anything that works----for base for buildup of water clay for firing
the nice thing about the cone, is that it's removable
downside is that clay will have varying thickness = dries unevenly
with lifesize bust, you could then reach inside and scoop out clay to acheive a uniform thickness

hi temp wax core could be as sturdy for small work and work that has height to width ratio under 3-----then as you warm the clay for firing wax melts out---darned smoky best done outside

for work to be molded metal armature is best bet for strength----(includes wire and blocking)
just overbuild---
----eg: mermaid armature mounted on sturdy base with 6 casters----wood,plywood,6 pipes,blocking,brackets and screws...armature held cantilevered over 250 lbs of clay with pipe and blocking 300 and could be moved to crontrol light and shadow-----(not shown is the wire and blocking for head)

years ago, a welded armature for angelicus broke when all the clay was loaded and formed----ended up hanging off at an odd angle from a beam as I repaired it and that's where I molded it---muttering occasionally

let your imagination find a suitable armature(skeleton) within your sculptural conception-------then preload it for a test
for the "breaking off " part....try a wooden cross twisted into a pair of wires which hangs on the main supports.

rodin's work was normally cast using plaster waste molds
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