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Re: Sculpting vs casting

Originally Posted by obseq View Post
What's your beef with the mold-making?
In a rush like me or something else?
I am always in a rush, get about two hours a day to do sculpting. On my latest sculpture I had to redo the mould three times.... With the first effort I was to stingy with the silicon and I had a undercut which locked the plaster mother mould. On the second try everything was fine but for some unknown reason I constructed the mould so that the seam is running symmetrical down the leopards face!!! My third try was more successful and delivered a beautiful wax.
My sculptures at this point are not that difficult to mould and I think it can still get hairy with multiple pieces and textures. The other factor that frustrates me is how the silicon can vary with each batch. I don't know if its the silicon itself or the CAT but it never set the same. With my last mould making it happened again and one batch almost took 8 hours to cure to the tacky stage. The same silicon with different CAT cured in two hours. If I have to some it up I think its because I am rushing and not always thinking it through.
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