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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

You aren't addressing how works released in the past were originally dismissed as porn or adult or disturbing are considered masterpieces now. Refer to the initial reactions to Manet's Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe and Piccaso's Le Just because you suffer from a closed mind doesn't cause the art to lose it's value. Frankly, I'm surprised to read an american nearly suggest censorship on an art oriented board.

Still, it can't be denied that Koon's exploiting the reaction from people like you (arcdawg) for publicity and attention. Nudity in art is not new. Intercourse is not new. People have had sex ever since people were having sex and it's not exactly an exciting new idea to document the process. So what makes art like Koon's special? People shrieking because they've watched too much porn and see similiarities. People who've never had sex before. Overly religious people who think the act of sex is somehow wrong despite it's a natural bodily function. People with kids, who are so bad at parenting their kids can't the difference between good and bad and they need something/someone to blame. And of course, the anal retentive.

The outcry forces those who normally wouldn't give a damn to see people like Koons in a new light. He's no longer a boring artist who's just doing something older then cave paintings, he's being brave and original.


Blah, you can blame no one but the people who gave artists like Koon the chance to provoke them into giving him fame.
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