Thread: Is this art?
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Re: Is this art?

have a ball and let cultural standards disappear into narcisstic nihlism are stridently insistent that art is whatever the artist says is art.
For starters, definitions of art have never been offered. Cultural standards??? Yup, its the same stupid, nutty discussion. Some want to enforce that undefinable and live in a free society. If art isn't about freedom of expression first and foremost, ignore everything I ever write because I must be delusional.

Yeah, its the same folks taking their usual positions. I left this site for several months because some discussions were so stupid, amazingly nonsensical, and destructive. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Some incredibly talented people also left this site for probably the same reasons. I came back because there are some very good people here who get it and I learn from them. I'm all for having a ball. Beats the hell out of being in handcuffs, mental or physical. I would never think of limiting or bashing someone's attempt at "fun". So to protect freedom of expression for everyone, I've decided to thump the naysayers on the noggin, not that I have any fantasies of changing anyone. Cultural standards...thump, thump, thump.
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