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Re: Flood Plain Stalker

Thank you Robson and Raspero

These birds are amazing to watch, whilst on the ground they stalk through the shallows and find a spot for the food to come to them . I saw one spend all day over a narrow (6") stream of water eating small crustaceans and fish fingerling as they passed the bird .These birds stand 3 foot high so cant stand on lilly pads ... a bit heavy for that .
..........But in the air they are the most elegant flyers I have seen . Their wing ratio to body is like that of an albatross so they can glide at very low speed .they land like a ballet dancer with precision and poise almost in slow motion............a. magnificent treat for the observer.

Richard .......Yes the scrap pieces are very close to spec. I found the wing pieces first . They are such a beautiful shape . that gave me the scale of the remaining parts to search for . The digits on the feet are a bit big but such a
interesting shape.... so I had to use them . The neck pieces were a good find also they are the "Ripper" shanks off a road grader, the natural wear pattern from their use followed the irregularities of the neck very well i think .
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