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Re: Guggenheim Bilbao or The Reina Sofia, Madrid?

SHOULD an art-object carry with it the capacity to transform (any) space and maintain that exclusive spirit?
The burden of intellectual engagement is not, of course, going to be held by an art object. Because the poor thing is only the evidence of the aesthetic entanglement that brought it about. So the better question might be "Should a person venturing into a creative endeavor be concerned with the afterglow of his/her artifact in such a way that it transforms space and maintains (the aformentioned) spirit?"

I say no. Such orchestrations would dirty the go-time. There are plenty of things you can make if you only want to impress yourself upon some space, some place, some people. But that is servitude. If your art-making experience resounds by its clean-ness and intensity, all of THOSE shrapnelled artifacts will big-bang you out there magnificently forever.
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