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Re: International Sculpture Center

Oh E. – you crack me up.

I am happy to be a point person for a show although I would think Russ would have to sign off on it if we wanted to use the forum to organize and advertise the project. I was a gallery director for a few years before I took up teaching and I still enjoy that sort of thing.

Off the top of my head I would think crafting the exhibition around a common theme might be a good start. For example, I once participated in and mounted a mid-Atlantic show called Mircomonumental. Each works (up to three per artist) had to respond to the notion of “monumentality” but also had to fit in a large matchbox. It traveled for a while and usually got a good response. Shoebox shows/projects are also popular. I don’t think we need to be as restrictive, but any show we craft as a community might be best served with this idea of a common theme.

Also, I think managing expectations at the outset is important. This show would primarily be about making an aspect of this sculpture community tangible – and for fun. I would not think of this as an opportunity for sales – although I imagine any object list for the show would have contact info for each artist. Showing together is also likely to cost each artist a few bucks. I know participation fees is a often debated topic, but the reality of mounting and advertising a show would like require at least some contribution to show (if even to cover one's own shipping costs).

I don’t think it needs to be “juried” as much as simply organized.

The BIG Questions include:

Who is interested in something like this? Is there a critical mass that is needed to honestly represent the forum community.

What theme embodies the spirit of the community here?
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