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Re: Does anyone know what the colored finnish

I fear the mirror finish...usurper, diminisher, TRICKSTER. Its a shortcut to significance. An obliterator of mass and volume (the stuff of...SCULPTURE) Burnishings and brushings are enough, will buy you plenty.

Those hyper-fine finishes are usually hiding something, fauxing it up. They are fragile and sensitive, even to light, and will only end up eventually exposing shortcomings. keep them on the fancy cars and the nautilus machines...those are the eyes that want it.

And Dont ever think your work can challenge any disco-ball. Just step aside, let him pass and then you can move to a place away from him, where you can be properly considered. One of those could only be more of a visual sucker-punch if it were a ball of fire. You, as a purveyor of high art, must take the high road. Flat black is VERY nice indeed.
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