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I guess it was last summer I brought my kiln home from the gallery basement after finding things like it to be a bigger chore than I anticipated to have to run over there at times like 2 AM to make sure the kiln shut off properly.
I haven't done any firing since January in it, but I have several clay models that were finished months ago and longer that were on display at the gallery, of course I needed to bring them all back home after selling the building, but I had 2 sitting in the back of the car left to find a storage spot for and I decided to fire the one that happened to be just small enough to fit in the kiln.
I put it on at noon yesterday, it will take about 37 hours to complete the cycle, so it has a ways to go yet being its about 575 now.

Here it is setting in the kiln and the ramp schedule, I cut R1 down to about 7-1/2 hours since this model was done and air dry a year ago so I know it's dry that far completely through.

R1: 90/hour to 195, hold for 8-3/4 hours

R2: 60/hour to 1200
R3: 90/hour to 1700
R4: 80/hour to 1950
R5: 60/hour to 2050 hold for 5 minutes.

The back, hollowed out to about 1" to 1-1/4" wall thickness. That's not a sag on the top, which is actually the bottom, it is curved that way.

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