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Re: Stone carver please answer this question

This is very puzzling. Andrew is right about the use of the drill - in common use at the time. However, the drill marks around or defining hair curls here are odd, and look a little like an attempt to define a line... I would add that the drill was also used at the time to establish the depth of the carving process. One of the problems the sculptor has is retaining an image as he/she carves away at the block. Sculptors have traditionally used the drill to retain the image by drilling at certain points to the level below which they image was then to be carved. In effect, doing the best they could to hold onto a pre-established shape.

It may also be worth adding that the block Michelangelo used to carve the David had already been carved previously, so some of the aspects of the sculpture may not be original to Michelangelo.
From the carver actually known as Sam Bell
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