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You miss understand how search engines work. Anyone who types into a search engine 'tom christiansen sculpture' already knows you and what you do and would probably have already visited your site. When you use that search phrase, yes you will be at the top of the list as there are probably not many tom christiansens who sculpt and have a website.

You will be wanting to attract new customers and clients, they dont know you so the trick is to be on the top of the list for search terms that potential new customers will use. This is where your SEO comes in in order to push you up the list. Unless you do something very specific like sculpt with an unusual medium or have very specific subject matter you are competing with millions of other sculptors. You use clay but unfortuntely so do millions of others.

If I wanted a clay sculpture I would use the search terms 'clay sculpture' when I type this I cant see your website listed, because of course there are millions of them and the chances of yours being on the top are like winning the lottery. You have to focus on a smaller market to slim down the list. eg your SEO could be designed around the search words ,'clay sculpture USA minnisota figurative, contemporay, abstract etc'. Doing this wont affect you listing position for people searching for clay sculpture but it will ensure you are top of the list for a minnisotan looking for a local sculptor and put you higher up the list for people looking for a US sculptor.
If you type 'minnisota clay sculptor' I still cant find you so you need to work on your SEO
Not addressing your SEO is like having a shop with no sign outside, lights out, windows boarded up on a street in the middle of nowhere, the only customers you will get are those who already know of your existence
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