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Post How to report spam/offensive posts to Moderators

Periodically, the Community experiences a deluge of spam and/or abusive posts-- While we make every attempt to stay aware of such posts, a few manage to slip past our attention given the varied personal schedules and timezones of the Moderating team.

With your added help in bringing such posts to our attention, we can remove them as quickly as possible.

By clicking on the button seen in the attached example below, you are taken to another page that asks you to provide a small detail surrounding the post-- (spam, flaming, etcetera). Click send to forward the report via e-mail to the corresponding Moderator(s).

**Please remember that it can take some time for offending posts to be removed-- With this in consideration, please do not submit "filler posts" to bury other forms of spam. Also, please do not reply to the spam within the thread-- This does not help. These only serve to needlessly clutter the forum. "Filler posts" are considered spam and will be removed.**

Thanks for your help!
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