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Re: anatomy for artist app!!

Seth: that makes it a very distinct possibility that I used your anatomical models for 31 years as a Bio prof.
True, there are several good reference texts, I was fortunate enough not to have to pay any attention to text selection. Let the A&P people do it.
My design, drawing and painting skills seem adequate for wood carvings and sculpture.
I was bemoaning the puzzle of transferring that "appearance" of the human form to the ground, wood, stone, metal, etc. I look at Blake's figurative works here = they appear to be real people.

I have worked up a green sea turtle body in the very best western red cedar that I have ever carved. Today is the head and neck = lots of pictures but I need my pencil and plain paper! I don't know diddly squat about turtles of any sort. #2 might be in a 24" piece of WRC log, 18" diameter.
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