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Re: The state of contemporary sculpture

Michelangelo didnt invent the human figure (David, Pieta). Those were two small things that he made bigger. Suppose you think that is wanking, F.

Besides, artists are not inventors at all. Inventions are servants...designed to facilitate...make life easy-squeezy and efficient. Sculptures are for making life more difficult; for chore-ing experience and perception, for setting up the hard-gained attainment of greater rewards.

Hah, and the landscape. What a joke that breadth of visual arrangement is. Always just every-damned-where at once. Distant and accidental, not "made" at all. Just there. The sea, and the sand and the sky are easily "defeated" by any real sculpture, large OR mini. Vastness is only impressive to the diminished. Nature humbles the meek.

Though a big mountain at the right time of day is indeed a visual cant compete with art.
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