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Re: Vancouver Ian Tan Gallery 06 April to 02 May

I will arrive in YVR (Vancouver) 03 April around noon and will go to the gallery directly to unpack the sculpture and set up. I expect that I will be there from 13:30 pm 18:00 on the 03 April. I will go back to check the lighting on the 04th April in the afternoon and then on the 06 for the Opening I will be there from 13:00 to 16:30 minimum..... longer if there are allot of people.
This is my first opening on a Saturday afternoon, so I am not sure how it will go.
Very excited about the show, I understand that customs took a look at the shipment and released it on Wed last so it will all be there.
Hope to see you or some of your friends there!
Thanks for your interest
I will check back on this page to see if you want to make confirmed arrangements..... I can give you a telephone number but it is not mine as I am without phone in Canada.
Cheers Blake
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