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Re: Price to charge for plaster face cast?

As a life-cast artist for over 20 years that sounds like a good deal. Materials for a front face cast cost about 75ish with shipping ect. A bald-cap is 12, glue and remover is about 15, bandages are about 12 and plaster may be about 10. Even if you have the materials in stock you still need to charge for them. that adds up to about 50$ plus trash bags, buckets brushes ect. Don't forget space may be rented too. Then if their rate is about 30$ an hour you end up with about 260ish.

It sounds like they charge for the materials and space and labor. Plus if people buy it then its worth ebay...

I would charge about 250- 300 depending on the hair i had to deal with under the cap. and between 800 to 1000 for a full head. They also may have an assistant who gets paid a few bucks.
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