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Re: Bronze Clay?

Pilato Process:
"Pilato covers the clay miniature with several layers of silicon rubber, each of ten coats becoming progressively thicker with subsequent applications. In turn, he slathers the rubber mold with ceramic slurry encasements made in sections. These sections are then puzzle-pieced together to create a workable Mother Mold, which is then filled with wax. The wax miniature is then delivered from the Mother Mold and refined and detailed further. This rendition is then dipped in ceramic slurry 13 times, creating a solid, sturdy, layered mold. During the Lost Wax Process, Pilato vaporizes the wax replica and fills the vacant mold with powderized metal that turns to bronze. He then buffs, polishes and patinas the sculpture, producing a portable miniature of the most-often-times life-sized models-to-come.....cutting 20 steps out of bronze foundry processing..."
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