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Re: Health and cancer from materials

Man, thats bad news. Wish you the best & good health as soon as possible.

I did my eyes in, with UV probably. I had cataracts & now have the associated terrible annoyance of one pair of glasses to see the world, another pair to read, not being able to see the in-between at all, with plastic lenses installed in my eyes that dont change focus. But thats nothing compared to cancer. In fact i'm incredibly grateful that mine is just a simple operation these days. Its never gonna give you back the sight you had though & thats pretty important to a sculptor.

I imagine it was the welding that did it to me, though i thought i had always been extremely careful. Who knows. i got them early, age 40.

Take care, you never think u gonna live long enough to worry about crap like this, but most people do, just by not getting hit by a bus.
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