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Health and cancer from materials

Hi everyone, I want to stress the importance of MSDS sheets and reading labels. Everything an artist uses including markers, plasters silicones ect can be dangerous. Take the time to ask for MSDS sheets every time you order a material. Acetone and MEK go through latex gloves, and yes silicones can be toxic if they are not medical grade or FDA approved platinums.

The reason for this post is not to preach but to warn about getting a physical every year and wearing respirators and nitrile gloves when required.

Why- because Luckily I had some blood work done as I do yearly and it turns out I have liver cancer, and I am on the transplant list. Now It may not be caused by materials since I have always been careful but the blood work usually done by a GI doc saved me.

Take the time this month or year to get a physical and some blood-work done, you may just save your life since by the time you get "symptoms" its usually too late..
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