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Re: Is anyone making any money ?

This has been an interesting topic and some interesting stories here. My own is also quite strange. I'm a dentist from Africa. I graduated from a school in NYC in 1996 and rushed home to do my thing found myself frustrated by the corruption and shabby state of the health care system I quit dentistry and took out my scultping tools I brought from NY. I did a couple of pieces ( I was slow at it and never finished) Parents and family put a lot of pressure on me to return to dentistry but I vowed not to practice in Kenya so I left for Zimbabwe which was a decent coutry at the time.

Anyone who knows about sculpting in Africa knows Zimbabwe is a powerhouse in that tradition. I learned a lot and continued my hobby. I mad money in dentistry. Anyway the country went to the dogs and I decided to return to the US for a masters in a discipline of dentistry. Before that I lugged my Zimbabwe pieces back to Kenya and finished my work in Kenya, exhibited at two galleries. I received a lot of compliments and my work sold pretty quick ( most African sculptors are doing what is called touristy "coca cola" art and really lack imagination) which really encouraged me because my parents were really disparaging about my work even though I know I'm good at it. In any case I have hardly been doing anything since I returned in 2001 completed my masters and begun working.

But now having failed to get the green card and with the economic downturn the dollar going down -- its just not worth being in the country anymore and I want to return and register to practice in Uganda with intentions to sell my artwork across theborder in Kenya. I will be leaving in a month and I'm terrified of the future because dentistry does not make much money until one is 15 years established but excited to get back to sculpting.
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