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Re: Sculpture under the radar?

I've wondered about this as well. Is it that sculptors are more individualistic, or that our practices are more diverse, so that we find it harder to relate to each others' work? Sculpture exhibitions are harder to put together; transportation is more expensive, and more's required than wallspace. And it's harder to sell, since few people have room to display it, especially large pieces and installations. Maybe there's so much work involved with creating it that there's little energy left over for arranging display opportunities.

Perhaps sculptors working in similar veins would get more traction; I notice that painters seldom organize themselves around painting per se, but watercolor painters, portrait painters, Western art painters, wildlife painters, erotic painters etc often show together.

I've spent time in meetings talking about forming a guild, but ultimately it came to nothing; someone would have had to do the heavy lifting, and while everyone wanted it done, nobody wanted to do it themselves. The "Little Red Hen" syndrome afflicts sculptors too...

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