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Re: The Old Days

The 'Good Old Days' were when the internet was relatively young and we (relative old timers) were finding the joy of communicating with others who were on parallel, convergent, or divergent paths. I never got into the aesthetic quibbling so much as the details of the nuts and bolts of process. Those were the things that made this forum valuable to me. But stonecarvers (I consider myself one, though I work in many media) are a conservative bunch on the whole. <grin> And I found the technical help queries posted to be less and less about my areas of expertise (stone) and more about almost everything else, so my log-ins here became less frequent. I post of facebook periodically, though I only log-on perhaps once every couple of weeks (not terribly interested in what my 'friends' had for breakfast on a daily basis), still have my website and update periodically, but find my tumblr blog ( a more convenient way of conveying my retrospective thoughts on a wide variety of art topics. One thing about the 'Good Old Days' is you can never go back, only forward. Remember fondly. My two cents.

And for what it is worth the idea of collaboration in producing artwork is one I have experimented with many times since this forum became less visited (though one sprang out of the forum quite directly). Collaboration with other artists is like a dialog without words, and usually producing quite invigorating results. Each collaboration has taken a different turn, and has opened my perceptions in new ways as we feel and respond to each others' aesthetics. Attached is most recent example wherein Corlia K. (painter and sculptor) did the seed piece consisting of a Batman profile cut out of an old circuit-board, pharmacy bottle with flowers in it, wood box, and aluminum leafing. I responded with circuit-board cut-out of Nancy, pharmacy bottle with printed comic-book 'POW', 'BOOM', and 'BANG's, slate backer, and filling the box with computer parts and soil. My title (for an upcoming exhibit in which it will be displayed) is ALTER EGO (NANCY WINS OUT).
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