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Re: sculpture & movement

I recently heard a friend introducing me as a 'mechanic-sculptor', why not, it is an interesting shortcut.
What is remarquable about mechanics is that it does not have moods, although it has a philosophy. There is no good or bad mechanics, it either works or it does not, for a long time or not, well or not. The original choices made by the engineer are reponsible for its success, as well as the means he has or he decides to have.
The meaning of mechanic is, as well, universally shared, although many of its choices reflect specific cultures. It has, in that way, a philosophical dimension. It belongs to Humanity, as well as langage, music or dance.

I am a sculptor, yes, of course, but be aware that the meaning of the word varies according to cultures, time, and even social classes. As far as I am concerned, sculpture is a way of multi dimensionnal expression. Four spatial and temporal dimensions on one hand, with the intrusion of movement, therefore, mechanics, cutural and historical, on the other hand, with its implication of fields of knowledge as well as knowhow, like any form of art, but maybe more than most of them. The means useful to its implementation go from zero to the infinite according to the frame chosen by its creator.

In my opinion, the chosen frame, or the fundemental reference, would be similar to the one of the Cistercian Abbaye of Thoronet: minimal means, a mature understanding of the elements, roughly hewn and finely adjusted, in which form expresses a 'master' word: balance.
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