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Re: Oldenburg Sues/Everybody Sues/ Sculpture Sits

Joe, I would contest that I have a broader view of what could be accepted as Art than most...but "symbolic meaning to millions of people" is often achieved by entities that have nothing at all to do with Art or even anything creative at all. So it needn't be part of the definition. I know many people who melt as they approach Fenway Park. Symbol is a tool of history, and we artists/writer/musicians,etc., borrow it sometimes to beef up our work...but symbol is not enough to carry the art matter how excessively viewed and adored. The best Art risks meaninglessness, flirts with confusion and tantalizes with the prospect of the unforseen. None of that will arrive by the over-orchestrated proceedings of the pheasablity committee that gives us our "artified" skylines, as impressive and wondrous as they may be.

And yes, I had not yet had my morning dose of strong coffee and death metal. So maybe I'm making more sense now...but maybe not.
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