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Re: Oldenburg Sues/Everybody Sues/ Sculpture Sits

Ries, I don't think we all need to disclaim at the start of every post that "the views following are the views of one particular artist and are not meant to be read as an attempt to propogate said views through verbal assertion or to proclaim ownership of an idea or set of values."
You always make perfect sense, and usually sound right in whatever you address, and have more than once influenced my thinking on a topic...But often I am suspicious of things that seem too "right" or sensible or graspable or generally acceptible.
To ME, the Statue of Liberty, Rushmore, the mountain-sized Crazy Horse, the Eiffel Tower and the pyramids, and the ninth wonder of the world - the Pulaski Skyway - are all NOT Art. Mesmerizing and powerful visual treats, yes, but not art to me.
Now I'm not saying that one needs to smelt the metal, drive the diesel truck from the factory, wrestle the tons off alone (though that is what I do) in order for it all to be authentic. But a very personal relationship to the stuff of the Art and the ensuing processes should be pursued, vigorously captured and then utilized, DESPITE all physical, financial and technical limitations. Involving and paying jobbers too heavily here for their expertise in the relieving of your stresses and anxieties and doubts will definitely affect how the thing looks. And in the end "how it looks" is the most important effect the Artist can have.

Yes the world needs gigantic structures for many different reasons, and I'm glad that people with fine art backgrounds are getting these gigs, but if they base their creative self-evaluations upon these types of projects they might be forgetting why they got involved in this kind of life in the first place. And that might be a good thing lost.
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